2015 Season

The 2015 Track & Filed Season begins March 1 and continues until the end of May. This year there are four practice meets during the regular season. These meets are intended to provide competitive opportunities to improve performance and for athletes and to obtain qualifying times and scores for the finals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Season Athlete's Rosters

Roster issues continue to be an issue from one season to the next.  Each season the Area and AOP are forced to get more strict on the submission of the rosters.  As we did last year, you will be required to turn-in an early version of your roster so that it can be reviewed for accuracy.  Please follow the below steps to ensure an accurate and timely submission.

This season we are making the process easier for coaches.  You will only need to submit one signed original physical copy, not three.  Instead, you will be allowed to scan your completed / approved / signed version and send it to me as a PDF File.  This should make things easier for you, your Athletic Directors and Pastors.

Roster Rules To Follow:
  1. All rosters MUST be filled out using the form in the Link Section titled 2015 Region 17 Roster.
  2. All rosters MUST be completed via computer.  Hand written rosters are not accepted.
  3. Only one (1) copy of the roster must be provided in paper.  The other may be subitted via PDF FIle.  You will still need to provide three (3) checks.  One for AOP, One for Area, and One for Region.  
  4. Each team will submit two (2) rosters, one (1) for boys, and one (1) for girls.
  5. Only athletes in grades 3 thru 8 need to be listed in the roster. (Sub-Novices or Pee Wees as they are often referred to do not need to be on the roster)
    1. The new rules allow for 3rd graders to participate as Novices as long as they were born in 2004.
  6. Names must be in alphabetical order, and names are not permitted to be added once it is signed by the pastor, AD, etc. 
  7. Should you need to add names at the last minute PRIOR to submission, and it has already been signed, redo the Roster, and have it signed again.
  8. Rosters are due to me no later than April 6th for initial review. It is expected that they be fully completed with the exception of signatures. This is so I can review to make sure that they are completed as required by the Archdiocese.
  9. I will review the Roster and let you know if any changes are needed.  Final rosters with corrections are due back to me no later than 12:00 PM on April 13th, with all necessary checks.
  10. If you are an organization that is coaching athletes from two different schools where the CYO Program was not combined, you must treat those athletes as another team, and a second team roster is mandatory in this case. 
Even if the school in question has only one athlete. That athlete will be considered a team of 1, and roster and check must be separate. That roster must be signed by the pastor for the school being represented, not the pastor signing your team roster. That being said, that team may practice with your team. The only difference is that on race day, they will be wearing their team’s uniform. 

#9 is obviously a special case, and can be confusing. If you have this situation, or you are just not sure, please give me a call, and we can talk it out. There is no doubt that all of you know this better than I do, however, if you are new, and not sure, call me.

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